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04, January 2018

Carter Carrington: #partofthepride

Last year, we shared with you the wonderful story of Carter Carrington, an Aston Villa fan and mascot who was fitted with a personalised Aston Villa prosthetic leg. Now, Carter is making the headlines again in a feature film by the club as part of their #partofthepride campaign.

Click here to watch the full video.

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01, December 2017

Together #WECAN

Sunday 3rd December marks the annual observance of the UN International Day of Disabled Persons. Since its conception in 1992, the day aims to raise awareness of all persons within the disabled spectrum along with promoting the rights of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

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29, November 2017

Quha Zono – New Product Update

Quha Zono is a revolutionary new wireless gyroscopic mouse, designed to enable independent computer access for those with limited mobility. The device provides accurate and intuitive computer access with just small head movements helping users to stay connected. The extremely lightweight device is easily connected to the user’s body and with a variety of compatible input switches, the Quha Zona can be configured to suit individual requirements.

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