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17, January 2018

Metalwork Technicians: bespoke craftsmen

At Steeper, our orthotics Metalwork team pride themselves on their ability to create, modify or adapt any orthotic product. Our unique capabilities mean that our expert technicians are often called upon to create custom devices or replicate orthoses that have been used for centuries. With no KAFO or BK caliper ever the same, our experienced team members are able to understand the requirements of our patients and have the ability to create products that meet every patient’s exacting need.

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04, January 2018

Carter Carrington: #partofthepride

Last year, we shared with you the wonderful story of Carter Carrington, an Aston Villa fan and mascot who was fitted with a personalised Aston Villa prosthetic leg. Now, Carter is making the headlines again in a feature film by the club as part of their #partofthepride campaign.

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