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Functional Devices

For many occupational, educational and social activities, the effective use of functional devices greatly enhances the quality of life for the arm amputee, enabling them to participate in a wide range of activities such as gardening, sports and work related tasks.

The extensive range of products available from Steeper has been developed a result of experience and research with the invaluable assistance of numerous upper limb amputees.

Split Hooks

A wide range of functional devices is available to enhance the ability to undertake work or recreational tasks.

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Texas Assistive Devices

Texas Assistive Devices provide an extensive range of high quality devices designed to assist persons with upper extremity amputation and hand dysfunction.

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Troppman Grip

The Troppman Grip is designed to assist upper extremity amputee’s who golf or who want to try the great game of golf. It is equally effective for use by a right handed golfer with a left sided loss or a left handed golfer with a right sided loss.

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