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Myoelectric Hands

Steeper Myoelectric Hands are electrically operated devices designed to meet the needs of most upper limb amputees. A powerful mechanism is provided, giving a grip force output suitable for most routine daily tasks.

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Innovative, built-in electronics provide a choice of nine control modes for the hand, selected using the dial switch feature. The on-board system also includes an electronic ‘gear change’ allowing power to be stored and released on demand.

Steeper Myoelectric Hands are controlled with Myoelectrodes or switch inputs and the electronics equipped with patented Powerforce™

Supercapacitor technology (sizes 71/4 – 81/4) to provide efficient control and power conservation.

Technical Specifications

  • 81/4
  • 73/4
  • 71/4
  • 63/4 – juvenile size

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