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S-Charge System

Designed to revolutionise the way of charging myoelectric prosthetic hands, the S-Charge System combines low profile, flexible S-Cell batteries with a visual display and a magnetic charging point. The technology has been developed to eliminate the requirements of the long-standing switch system, which can be easily caught and accidentally activated by the user as well as being an additional weight on the forearm.

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Key Features

  • Simple functionality – simple two-button system to activate and deactivate the prosthesis, and to scroll through the different modes.
  • Discreet, low profile S-Cell batteries – achieves neat containment within the forearm
  • Control to the user – the pre-programmed OLED display presents a variety of symbols including real-time battery life icons, and can inform the user of any charging faults.
  • No accidental activation – the raised mounting frame of the display prevents accidental activation and stops any catching on clothes.
  • Multiple languages – greetings can be displayed in 10 different language options; English, French, German, Portuguese Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Dutch and Chinese – easily changed via the mode button.
  • Lightweight – the slim, low profile S-Cell batteries ensure a lightweight system at only 150g (based on a complete S-Charge System of 4 batteries).
  • Convenient charging – the easy-release magnetic charger allows convenient power supply connection, and fully charges batteries within 4 hours.
  • Flexible configuration options – the clinician can opt to include 2, 3 or 4 S-Cell batteries within the system – providing up to 1100, 1650 or 2200mAh to the terminal device.
  • Wide range of suitability – the flexible battery configuration can be used to suit a wide range of myoelectric prosthesis users and activity levels.
  • Retrofitting – can be retrofitted to a pre-made forearm, no need to start from scratch.

The S-Charge System is now available to purchase through Steeper in the UK and worldwide through our dedicated upper limb distribution network. Click here to find your local distributor.

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