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Elbows - LTI Boston Digital Arm System

The Boston Digital Arm System is a powered elbow with a microprocessor based control system that utilises state of the art components. This digital system provides a “platform” for controlling various upper limb prosthetic devices such as hands, grippers, powered split hooks, wrist rotators and even powered shoulder joint actuators. It can control up to five devices and is compatible with virtually all manufacturers’ prosthetic components.

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  • Automatic locking in any position, power to unlock.
  • Fast. Completes a full cycle in 1.2 seconds.
  • Up to 5 motor control
  • Simultaneous operation of devices
  • Independent gains for each channel (muscle)
  • On board recharging capability
  • Patient feedback, either audible or vibratory
  • Single site control option

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