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Increasingly, patients tell us how important appearance is for their prosthetic. This is why we invest in devising the most naturalistic coverings for both upper and lower limb prostheses, such as our Skinergy Plus range. Tough, realistic and easy to fit, our coverings can be designed bespoke to individual requirements, then sculpted in-house and in consultation with the patient.

Steeper is proud to manufacture some of the highest quality cosmesIs available from anywhere in the world – from the award winning Skinergy Plus below knee cosmesis to a comprehensive range of custom silicone products, we are confident that our range represents some of the very best custom prosthetics available.

Custom Silicone Service

A custom silicone service is available from Steeper. Each item is sculpted by hand to meet individual requirements and ensure a very realistic appearance.

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Skinergy Plus

Manufactured using the latest innovation in silicone polymer technology, Skinergy Plus provides an extremely high level of cosmesis for the below knee user, incorporating a unique seamless finish. Easy to fit, enhanced toughness and improved realism make Skinergy Plus our most impressive leg cover yet.

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