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Prosthetic Feet

From the acclaimed LightFoot to simple Sach Feet and the revolutionary Cadence HP, TruLife products comprehensively cover every users prosthetic foot requirements.

LightFoot 2

The Lightfoot 2 prosthetic foot is identical in appearance to original Lightfoot, but it has a modified curved Delrin keel, which provides enhanced rollover and durability. With its low profile build height and various keel strengths, the Lightfoot covers a wide range of application.

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Carbon Lightfoot

The Carbon Lightfoot prosthetic foot’s unique split composite keel provides increased dynamic response and improved M/L compliance, with the same high quality cosmesis we come to expect from prosthetic feet. Appropriate for all levels of Lower Limb amputees.

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The Lifecast is famous for its original “J” shape designed keel and lifelike appearance. One of the original energy storing feet, the Lifecast was developed from moulds of real feet, making it one of the most realistic looking prosthetic feet on the market.

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Seattle Kinetic Foot

Aimed at the low to moderate activity user, this multiaxial foot can be set up with different ankle bumpers to suit the indiviual requirements of the user, allowing a soft heel strike, rapid prgression to foot flat and controlled progression to toe off. This makes it particularly appropriate for transfemoral, as well as transtibial applications, with a wide weight range, from under 60kg up to 166kg. The flexible full length keel is integral to the footshell, with the exchangeable bumpers accessed through the apertures in the footshell using a special tooling kit.

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Seattle Kinetic Light

The proven Seattle Kinetic foot from Trulife is aimed at meeting the needs of the low to moderate activity patients. Both the standard and the Light versions offer a full length composite keel with an integrated sandal toe foot shell and a multiaxial ankle with five interchangeable bumper options available, dependant on the patient’s foot size and weight, up to a maximum of 166kg. The Light, however, incorporates a more conventional pyramid adaptor, which is little easier to access than the receiver on the standard version, but consequently, with a slightly increased build height.

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Catalyst 9

Designed to add performance and versatility to the already popular C-shank, the Catalyst is ideal for medium to high activity users of prosthetic feet. The Catalyst provides shock absorption, controlled plantar flexion, multi axial rotation, smooth rollover and split keel stability all in one lightweight package.

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The SACH is designed for the low to low-medium activity level, particularly useful for new lower limb amputees looking for lightweight foot with excellent rollover properties and a lifelike cosmesis.

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The Natural Foot has the performance characteristics of a compliant foot utilizing a lightweight Delrin Keel uniquely designed to propel the low to medium activity amputee from one step to the next with little effort. i.e. Functional Level K2. The Seattle Natural Foot® is also available in firm and soft foam durometers by request.

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Childs Play Foot

The Childs Play prosthetic foot is a paediatric model of the Lightfoot. Its sculpted cosmesis varies by size to reflect the natural appearance of a child’s maturing foot. The dynamic response Delrin keel offers shock absorption and a smooth rollover for a natural gait.

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The Zumo foot by Trulife is designed to withstand 205kg making it ideal for users at the heavier weight level. The split composite keel provides increased dynamic response, stability and improved medial/lateral compliance. The removable sandal toe foot shell, in a choice of two colours, offers a high quality, natural cosmesis.

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