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ContexGel Liner

Utilising Streifender’s unique polymer formula, the ContexGel liner is available in both Trans Femoral and Trans Tibial fittings. Supplied in three different walled-thicknesses of 3mm, 6mm and 9mm, the liners are also thermo-plastically conformable at 80 degrees centigrade.

The highly effective antibacterial properties of these new products have been achieved through the inclusion of a ‘Sterione’ additive, that creates a bacteria inhibiting, aseptic surface

ContexGel liners are available in five sizes, either with or without distal connection and come supplied with a six month guarantee.

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Key Features

  • Wide range of sizes and thicknesses available
  • Separate pin and cushion versions supplied
  • With or without a distal matrix
  • Very durable gel with tough outer material
  • Smooth surface allows easy donning
  • Limited stretching retains effective suspension
  • Can be customised by thermo forming on cast
  • Antibacterial

Technical Specifications

  • Highest Impact Level – High
  • Matrix Lengths -10cm
  • Sizes Available – S, M, L, XL, XXL in 3, 6 & 9mm
  • Length of Liner – coming soon
  • Warranty – 6 Months

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