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The latest range of Gel Products from Streifeneder is now available exclusively in the UK from Steeper. Developed with patient comfort firmly in mind, Streifeneder Gel liners and Suspension Sleeves offer the highest levels of quality and durability to your prosthetic leg patient.

Streifeneder Dynamic SACH Foot

The Streifeneder Dynamic Solid Ankle Cushion Heel foot is constructed of durable polyurethane foam on a bushed Alder wood keel with an additional flexible keel section. This provides a comfortable cushioned heel strike and an improved roll over with a smoother transition to toe off.

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ContexGel Liner

Utilising Streifender’s unique polymer formula, the ContexGel liner is available in both Trans Femoral and Trans Tibial fittings. Supplied in three different walled-thicknesses of 3mm, 6mm and 9mm, the liners are also thermo-plastically conformable at 80 degrees centigrade.

The highly effective antibacterial properties of these new products have been achieved through the inclusion of a ‘Sterione’ additive, that creates a bacteria inhibiting, aseptic surface

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ContexGel Sleeve

The ContexGel Sleeve can be used for Trans Tibial Amputees as a suspension sleeve or a sealing mechanism for suction sockets. Supplied in 3mm thickness, the Streifender Polymer Gel offers supreme seal and stretch characteristics and the abrasion resistant textile allows easy handling for donning and doffing. Length of all sleeves 350mm.

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ContexGel Sleeve Protector

Designed specifically for use with the ContexGel suspension sleeves, these protectors are intended to further increase the longevity of the sleeves by preventing damage from the edge of the socket. Available in four sizes to cover the six suspension sleeve sizes.

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Streifeneder Kinegen Stream

The knee is a polycentric unit, with hydraulic swing phase control and a pneumatic extension assist, and was designed for high activity users. It is geometrically stable in the stance phase and transitions smoothly into the well controlled swing phase, with little effort required and with excellent control of the final 10 degrees of extension, to prevent terminal impact.

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