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Duragel Cushion & Pin Liners

The DuraGel™ liner from Silipos is a mineral oil gel interface liner available with locking mechanism or in cushion design. The liner provides a complete solution for below knee residual limb protection and care that is unparalleled by other gel liners.

Additional benefits of the liner are a single seam design, a fabric covering which minimises distal elongation while allowing wearers optimum range of motion, mobility, ease of application and skin hygiene.

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  • Available in both pin and cushion models
  • NEW nylon composite fabric provides extreme abrasion resistance and superior gel bond
  • NEW Gel formulation will not tear, delaminate, or thin out with stress, maintaining skin care and overall patient comfort
  • Liner is easy to wash and maintain
  • NEW single-seam design

Technical Specifications

  • Highest Impact Level – High
  • Matrix Lengths – None
  • Sizes Available – M, M+, L, L+, & XL in 3, 6 & 9mm
  • Length of Liner – coming soon
  • Warranty – 6 Months

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