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Silipos Gel Liners

Internationally recognised as a leader in skin protection and skin care products, the Silipos Gel Liner range is exclusively available from Steeper within the UK.

Silipos polymer gel protects and comforts the residual limb by cushioning and absorbing shock and shear forces, preventing skin breakdown and providing a nourishing, healthy environment for the skin.

Furthermore, it incorporates medical grade mineral oil that gradually diffuses on to the skin to reduce friction and pressure, improves skin elasticity and minimises scarring.

Duragel Cushion & Pin Liners

The DuraGel™ liner from Silipos is a mineral oil gel interface liner available with locking mechanism or in cushion design. The liner provides a complete solution for below knee residual limb protection and care that is unparalleled by other gel liners.

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Duragel Suspension Sleeve

Duragel suspension sleeves provide all the skin care benefits of the Silipos liner range, making them very suitable for those patients where skin condition is an issue. They can be used as a standard or suction socket suspension sleeve, in the standard or reinforced versions. The outer fabric and the inner gel allow a large degree of compliance, which combined with the range of sizes available, make them suitable for a wide range of patients.

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LA Liner Cushion & Pin

The LA Liner available in both cushion and pin provides superior skin conditioning and comfort for low to moderate activity level patients.

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