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Prosthetic Clinical Support and Best Practice Guidelines

To help provide the latest clinical information to our prosthetists, Steeper have established two groups that convey the latest in lower limb prosthetic technology.

The Clinical Support Group is there to assist prosthetists in selecting and fitting components by evaluating and providing technical clinical support for the hardware provided by Steeper. Click here to read the manual.

Complimenting this service is the Steeper Prosthetic Best Practice Group, which is designed to help prosthetists and clinicians make appropriate treatment choices for their patients. The Best Practice Guidelines are available here.

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Key Features

Clinical Support Manual

  • Comprehensive outline of clinical evidence to support the use of those products provided by Steeper
  • Clear indications and contraindications for the use of the product, providing additional information to allow Prosthetists to make more informed choices
  • Full clinical evaluation of each product

Best Practice Guidelines

  • Critical review of literature combined with consensus of opinion from multi-disciplinary health professionals across the UK
  • Produced using Delphi technique which has been independently verified to show its effectiveness
  • Based on generic hardware so not biased to any manufacturer’s products

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