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Xtend Foot

Developed in close collaboration with users, prosthetists and universities, the Xtend Foot is the first product from this new Swedish company and is a patented prosthetic foot. The aim of the design was to produce a foot “which functions to all intents and purposes like a real foot”. The result is this unique product which combines a high degree of inversion/eversion to compensate for uneven surfaces during walking, with a controlled, but significant range of dorsiflexion/planterflexion, with good energy return.

The foot consists of a specially-designed fibre composite forefoot element, which is bonded to a carbon sole plate using a special gluing technique.

The C-shaped heel spring is also bonded between the posterior of the forefoot element and the sole plate and provides excellent shock absorption at heel strike. This system controls the foot’s natural movement, working together to produce a strong and durable structure, providing optimum energy return, and at the same time keeping the foot compact and light.

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XTend Foot Key Features

  • Enables a more natural gait on slopes and inclines.
  • Adapts to different surfaces due to its flexible design and innovative structure.
  • Provides superior balance, stability and mobility.
  • Simple and easy for the patient to learn to use.
  • Compact and lightweight.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight Limit - 125kg
  • Sizes Available – 23-29cm
  • This product has a 30 day trial period.

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