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The Sierra prosthetic foot is ideal for active, lower-limb amputees ensuring a smoother gait without the energy loss typically associated with other shock absorbing systems. Its unique angle-top design increases the length of the carbon fibre spring maximising energy return and flexibility. The split-toe provides excellent inversion-eversion so that amputees can walk with confidence on uneven terrain.

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These are some of the best years of my life and the Sierra has been there with me through it all; travel, volunteer work, you name it. The Sierra offers me balance and stability, regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. I love how flexible it is and the fact that it's always ready for whatever I put into it! - Clarence Imler

Key Features

  • Full length heel ensures exceptionally smooth gait
  • Split toe design
  • Integral male pyramid
  • Separate foot shell
  • Available in 9 stiffness categories
  • 30 day trial period

Technical Specifications

  • Weight Limit – 166kg
  • Highest Impact Level – High
  • Weight of Unit – 470g (size 25)
  • Sizes Available – 22-30cm
  • Build Height – 13.3cm
  • Warranty- 3 Years
  • Warranty Footshell – 6 Months

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