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Maverick Xtreme AT

The Maverick Xtreme AT fibreglass foot comes with a split keel design that provides excellent inversion and eversion for enhanced ground compliance and patient stability on uneven terrains. It is designed for active K3 and K4 level users who require a product with increased durability without compromising the desired energy storage/return and smooth roll-over during stance phase of gait. The aerospace grade fibreglass combined with the innovative heel/keel design allows for a natural, flexible feel during daily activities and various strenuous exercises.

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Key Features

  • Extreme flexibility
  • Designed for active users
  • ±16° inversion/eversion
  • Lightweight
  • Rapid Response™ valve technology
  • Waterproof
  • Smooth roll-over
  • Available in sandal toe
  • “Wave” heel plate

Technical Specifications

  • Weight Limit – 166kg
  • Highest Impact Level – up to K4
  • Weight of Unit – 798g
  • Sizes – 23 – 30cm (sandal toe sizes: 23 – 28cm)
  • Build Height – 17cm (size 28, category 4)
  • Warranty – 36 months (foot shell 6 months)

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