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The College Park Truper Prosthetic Foot for children gives multi-axial ability and dynamic response in a kid-size package. Solving practical needs in lower limb prosthetics is where Truper shines; it is simple to mount, is customisable for each individual, and easily accommodates the ever-changing child. Kids grow out of everything – Truper takes that in its stride. Truper offers interchangeable Foreheels and Shells, growth plates, and bumpers for two growth ranges: 16-18 cm, and 19-21 cm.

When AJ was first fitted with his Truper feet about 8 years ago, the Digbys were overjoyed that he could run and play with all of the other kids his age. Today, the Digbys are still thrilled with the Truper feet because as AJ grows, his Trupers grow right along with him. AJ Digby

Truper Key Features

  • Versatile finishing capability
  • Sandal toe design allows shoe of choice
  • Reduces fatigue and protects the residual limb
  • Adjustable Stride Control™ to customise children’s gait
  • Worry-free one year warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Weight Limit – 60KG
  • Highest Impact Level – High
  • Weight of Unit – 231g (Size 18cm)
  • Sizes Available – 16-21cm
  • Build Height - 6.1cm
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • Warranty Footshell – 6 Months

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