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The College Park Tribute offers a simple and cost effective multi-axial prosthetic foot design for the low to moderate activity individual. Combining College Park design principles, multi-axial and transverse rotation, with a full-length toe lever, the Tribute gives these individuals the mobility they need at an affordable price.

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The Tribute just seems to roll over better. I am so much more comfortable with this foot. There is more cushion when I walk Alma Patti

Tribute Key Features

  • Multi Axial for superior stability on uneven terrain
  • Controlled Dynamic Response for Low to Moderate Activity Levels
  • Adjustable Stride Control to customise to individuals gait
  • Removable Foot Shell
  • Worry free 30 Day Trial Period

Technical Specifications

  • Weight Limit – 100kg
  • Highest Impact Level – Moderate
  • Weight of Unit - 477g (size 25)
  • Sizes Available – 21-30cm
  • Build Height – 6.1cm
  • Warranty – 1 Year
  • Warranty Footshell – 6 Months

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