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The patented Soleus™ foot integrates multiple composite springs through a tough, flexible plantar ligament. This unique design produces a superior quality range of motion while also returning high levels of energy. Providing a very smooth transition between heel strike and toe-off, the Soleus™ offers stability and unsurpassed comfort.

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My leg was removed earlier this year and I was fit with a Soleus's fantastic......I can't wait till I fully heal so I can really see how great this foot is. Thanks.

Soleus Key Features

  • Multiple spring elements linked together to function as one, provides a seamless progression from heel to toe
  • Polycentric ankle design provides superior stance phase control
  • Vertical shock absorption to accommodate high impact activities
  • Highly dynamic springs provide multi axial terrain compliance
  • Worry-free 30 day trial period

Technical Specifications

  • Weight Limit – 100kg (21-24cm) | 113kg (25-26cm) | 125kg (27-30cm)
  • Highest Impact Level – High
  • Weight of Unit – 712g (size 26cm)
  • Sizes Available – 21-30cm
  • Build Height – 19.6cm
  • Warranty – 3 Years

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