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Sidekicks are the first adjustable ‘stubbie’ feet for foreshortened prostheses.

Gait-matched and approved for water use, Sidekicks dorsiflex and planterflex in real-world environments for the ultimate balance and stability for bilateral, transfemoral amputees.

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Sidekicks Key Features

  • Uneven Ground Compliance. The combination of a flexible platform with anatomical ankle motion provides excellent ground compliance on uneven terrain.
  • Ankle Rotation. The Sidekicks also allow some torsional rotation, reducing socket forces and unwanted torque.
  • Moulded Tread. Adhered to the plate with a molecular bond, the moulded tread provides excellent grip and good durability.
  • Water Friendly. For water use, Sidekicks provide adjustable dorsiflexion and planterflexion, giving the bilateral transfemoral amputee the opportunity to optimize balance and stability in real-life environments.
  • Custom Gait Matching. Swapping bumpers and carrying out fine-tune adjustments through the Stride Control feature throughout the rehabilitation process improves core muscle strength; particularly useful for the transition to microprocessor knees.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight Limit - 125kg
  • Highest Impact Level – Low
  • Weight of Unit – 422g
  • Clearance – 58mm
  • Warranty – 2 Years

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