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College Park Industries

For around 25 years, College Park has produced the most anatomically correct prosthetic feet currently available for both adults and children combining the original multi-axial and energy return foot/ankle combination.

Odyssey K2

Odyssey K2 enables the user to walk well and negotiate everyday obstacles such as stairs, curbs and uneven surfaces.

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Odyssey K3

Introducing the next step in the Odyssey line of hydraulic feet from College Park. Hydraulic feet are renowned for increasing ground contact, reducing socket pressures and enhancing knee stability.

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Breeze provides K2 users with a cost effective, yet highly functional foot with a variety of features utilising College Park’s high-end technology, including an IntelliWeave composite keel, sandal toe and optional water drainage port.

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Sidekicks are the first adjustable ‘stubbie’ feet for foreshortened prostheses.

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Genesee Liner and Gel Sleeves

The College Park Genesee liner provides the ideal benefits required of a gel liner in an affordable package. Shaped for fit and flexibility with cushioning comfort and excellent limb conforming properties, this durable liner accommodates a wide range of users.

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The College Park Trés Foot is a cost effective, maintenance free option for moderate activity patients. By incorporating a full-length toe lever and soft components to articulate inversion/eversion, this dynamic response foot helps restore function at an affordable price.

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Aimed at those users whose activity levels are limited and who have low levels of impact, the Celsus foot has been designed to be light and compliant.
With a low profile, similar to that of the Trés and Tribute feet, the integrated springs provide a smooth roll-over and security for these users, especially on uneven surfaces. Its action is softer than the Tribute and Trés making it ideal for those patients who need a foot that prevents undue forces being transmitted to their residual limb or knee joint.
This is achieved within a low maintenance design, complete with a removable footshell.

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The College Park Tribute offers a simple and cost effective multi-axial prosthetic foot design for the low to moderate activity individual. Combining College Park design principles, multi-axial and transverse rotation, with a full-length toe lever, the Tribute gives these individuals the mobility they need at an affordable price.

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The College Park TruStep Prosthetic Foot combines virtually the same vertical motion, rotation and stability found in the anatomical foot.

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The College Park Venture prosthetic foot is designed for the demanding lifestyle. Whether it’s being used in the gym or the office, the precise engineering of the Venture generates performance to suit a dynamic lifestyle without sacrificing comfort.

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