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Steeper is a leading international manufacturer of upper extremity prosthetic products, and a distributor of world class lower limb products from major international suppliers.

Our ability to innovate in partnership with clinicians and patients means that our product offering is as diverse and in-depth as our clinical services. Together with our people’s knowledge and expertise, they form a complete offering that empowers and enhances the lives of everyone we work with.

Upper Limb

Almost 100 years of experience have gone into our range of off-the-shelf and bespoke upper extremity prosthetics.

Offering a wide range of electric, mechanical, passive and functional prostheses, along with gloves and coverings, we give prosthetists and their patients greater choice, no matter the circumstances or condition of their needs.

Plus, we craft these items in-house for complete quality assurance.

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Increasingly, patients tell us how important appearance is for their prosthetic. This is why we invest in devising the most naturalistic coverings for both upper and lower limb prostheses, such as our Skinergy Plus range. Tough, realistic and easy to fit, our coverings can be designed bespoke to individual requirements, then sculpted in-house and in consultation with the patient.

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Lower Limb

To provide complete coverage, we partner with a hand-picked and rigorously vetted selection of international manufacturers to bring the world’s best lower limb prostheses to patients and clinicians in the UK. Click the link below to download our latest Lower Limb Prosthetic Products Catalogue.

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