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Prosthetic Clinical Service

Steeper provide prosthetic clinical services in partnership with the NHS and take pride in delivering progressive, evidence-based and cost effective services from professional staff to over 10000 patients at five locations throughout the UK. Our approach is to listen to, and work with, our patients, relatives and carers, and Trust partners in an open and honest way.

We employ 39 HPC Registered Prosthetists and 67 Technicians at our 8 service centres. Our services comply with the latest Healthcare Standards and the Limbless Association’s 10 “C”’s.

Supporting our service centres we offer a Clinical Specialist service created to assist with difficult cases where unique problems may be addressed on an individual basis, and where specialist knowledge, for example in Upper Limb or Hip Disarticulation is required.

Our central fabrication facility in Leeds also offers bespoke conventional and upper limb specialist build service.

General Information

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