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Common Problems


Hip and Knee flexion contractures (restricted range of movement at a joint) affect prosthetic fitting and function. They also decrease efficiency of ambulation and cause the artificial limb to be more bulky in appearance, hence less cosmetic.

Phantom Limb Sensation and Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb sensation is the perceived sense that the amputated limb or part of it is still present. This is a very common sensation. Phantom limb pain is the sensation of pain originating in the amputated part. It may be burning, stinging or cramping. This is less common. Some phantom limb pain will respond to specific medication or other treatment options – please discuss this at your Rehabilitation Centre.

Dermatologic problems

These may include contact dermatitis, sebaceous cysts, folliculitis and scar management and you can receive care/treatment advice from the Nurse or Consultant at your Rehabilitation Centre as necessary.

Energy Consumption

The increased energy requirements of walking, using a prosthesis can limit your activities and make you slower depending on your level of fitness and your general health.

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