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motionSupport® Insoles

motionSupport® Insoles from Steeper are an innovative new range of ready-made insoles featuring unique design and construction.

Feet come in all shapes and sizes. motionSupport® Insoles offer increased choice and improved shaping to enhance fit and optimise control, ensuring a better outcome for the patient.

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Key Features

  • Full length polyurethane insoles with 3/4 length fibreglass reinforced shell, offering flexibility, unique durability and excellent value for money
  • Fibreglass extension on the lateral aspect encourages the transition from low to high gear propulsion in late stance phase for a more propulsive gait
  • Slimmer profile for easier fitting in footwear
  • Three arch heights available in each size to optimise sagittal plane control
  • Flexible construction under the first metatarsal head allows the first ray to plantarflex
  • A small metatarsal button works to reduce pressure on the metatarsal heads
  • Full length construction offers improved forefoot control
  • Durable alcantara top cover

How to Order

Technical Specifications

Normal Foot (Grey Insoles)

  • size 36/37KRI-7052=36/37
  • size 38/39KRI-7052=38/39
  • size 40/41KRI-7052=40/41
  • size 42/43KRI-7052=42/43
  • size 44/45KRI-7052=44/45
  • size 46/47KRI-7052=46/47

High Arch Foot (Blue Insoles)

  • size 36/37KRI-7053=36/37
  • size 38/39KRI-7053=38/39
  • size 40/41KRI-7053=40/41
  • size 42/43KRI-7053=42/43
  • size 44/45KRI-7053=44/45
  • size 46/47KRI-7053=46/47

Low Arch Foot (Brown Insoles)

  • size 36/37KRI-7055=36/37
  • size 38/39KRI-7055=38/39
  • size 40/41KRI-7055=40/41
  • size 42/43KRI-7055=42/43
  • size 44/45KRI-7055=44/45
  • size 46/47KRI-7055=46/47

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