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Orthotic Product Solutions

The Steeper Orthotic Solutions catalogue contains a comprehensive range of multi disciplinary product solutions to help clinicians treat a multitude of patient conditions from head to toe.

As well as providing orthotic solutions for a vast range of conditions, we pride ourselves on our skilled craftsmanship through our range of fully bespoke products. These are also available to order from the catalogue, and are designed to help patients restore mobility and gain an improved quality of life.

To request a hard copy of the new catalogue, please email or call us on 0113 270 4841.

Or download your copy here (this may take a few mins to download due to the large file size)


TredLite adjustable heel raise orthotic insoles. Simply peel away layers to achieve required height.

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Comfortable, low profile, prefabricated, leaf design to correct flaccid foot drop, especially on post-stroke patients.

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Silicone Insoles

Silicone orthotic insoles designed to be used during sport activities, for protection of the calcaneus heel bone and metatarsal heads, for relief of heel pain and light rearfoot trauma or simply for maximum comfort.

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