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Wilmer Wrist Orthosis

The Ambroise Dynamic Wrist Orthosis been developed for the support of a drop hand, for treatment of palmar flexion contractures and for the suppression of palmar flexion spasticity.


The Ambroise Dynamic Wrist Orthosis has been developed in co-operation between rehabilitation centre ’Ther Hoogstraat’ in Utrecht, the Netherlands and Ambroise Holland bv. The Hoogstraat is well known for its long tradition of clinical and technical expertise on the upper extremities. There’s a history of over fifteen years of collaboration between the Hoogstraat and the technical university of Delft in the development and increasing the clinical effectiveness of prosthetics and orthotics.

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Technical Specifications

  • Dynamic wrist mobility remains possible when using the ADWO
  • The spring tension can be easily adjusted
  • The ADWO has a very low weight of 100g and a high usage/wearing comfort
  • The ADWO can be worn underneath the clothing for the largest part, making it a highly cosmetic device
  • Provides active and dynamic wrist correction
  • No limitation of normal hand and wrist mobility
  • Low weight
  • High usage/wearing comfort
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Can be worn underneath clothing
  • Available in one size
  • Left or right arm


The Ambroise Dynamic Wrist Orthosis contains an adjustable spring, which effectively corrects the hand position in dorsel flexion direction, without limiting the range of motion of the wrist.

Ideal for

  • Support of a drop hand
  • Treatment of palmar flexion contractures
  • For the suppression of palmar flexion spasticity

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