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Wilmer Elbow Orthosis

The Wilmer® Elbow Orthosis is for patients suffering from a disfunctioning elbow paralysed arm, most commonly seen with a Brachial Plexus injury.

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Patients wearing the Wilmer® Elbow Orthosis understand the simple operating principle very quickly and control the orthosis correctly within a few minutes. The Wilmer® Elbow Orthosis has been successfully used in the Netherlands for the past twenty-five years and within the UK for the past five years. We have to date over one thousand successful wearers.

Technical Specifications

  • Restores some elbow function
  • Lightweight, total orthosis weighs approximately 150g
  • Invisible to wear underneath clothing
  • Cosmetic appearance, giving a more natural look
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Automatic locking/unlocking mechanism
  • Available in two sizes, adults or child, with or without hand support


This orthosis is constructed out of stainless steel tubing together with plastic perforated arm bands (pelottes) making it lightweight and strong. The Wilmer® Elbow Orthosis locks in 90 degrees against extension and 35 degrees against flexion, which together with its unique unlocking pulley knob, allows a complete unlocked free arm.

Ideal for

  • For patients suffering from a disfunctioning elbow paralysed arm

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