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Wilmer Carrying Orthosis

The basic functions of the Wilmer® Carrying Orthosis are the suppression of oedema by horizontal positioning of the forearm and the neutralisation of a shoulder subluxation. It is a static orthosis so the controllability need not be considered. The Wilmer® Carrying Orthosis acts like a balanced arm with the weight of the forearm forcing the weight of the upper arm upwards thereby neutralising a shoulder subluxation.

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All components are situated near the limb and therefore the orthosis can be worn underneath clothing without problems. One suspension point on the forearm is sufficient for the orthotic function described. This point is created by a tension band that suspends the arm on the shoulder.

Technical Specifications

  • Light weight, total weight of orthosis is 200 grams
  • Made from tubular stainless steel
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Soft leather shoulder strap worn between the neck and the humerus
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Invisible to wear underneath clothing which gives a good cosmetic appearance
  • Available in both large and normal sizes


A shoulder cap transmits the suspension force to the body; a chest strap keeps the shoulder cap in place. For the prevention of a dropping hand, a second point of suspension is added which is connected with a simple stainless steel tubular frame.

Ideal for

The Wilmer® Carrying Orthosis is designed for brachial plexus patients and patients with hemiplegia who suffer a complete paralysed arm.

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