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UTX FS Swing

The UTX Swing FS is the only orthosis currently available to allow the wearer a more natural walk. The knee joint of the UTX Swing FS is locked during the standing and during the stance phase of walking. The knee joint unlocks at the beginning of the swing phase and automatically locks when the knee is in full extension.

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Technical Specifications

  • Unlocks when the ankle arrives in the correct dorsal flexion combined with the operation of the knee extension
  • The ankle joint has a cable which runs inside the tube to an unlocking device at the knee
  • Non-weight bearing caliper
  • Ease of unlocking device aides in sitting down
  • Low weight: 900 grams
  • High comfort of wearing
  • Bodyweight up to 100kg (14 stone)

Ideal for

  • Unstable valgus knee in the frontal plane
  • Paresis or paralysis of leg muscles, for example weak or non-functioning quads
  • Hyperextension
  • Fixed equinus

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