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UTX FS Stable

The UTX Stable FS, although similar to the Stable 80 and 120, has a medially placed high strength, low weight cord. Together, this helps the orthosis to control a valgus unstable knee.

The UTX Stable FS is locked in the standing and walking position, which is comparable to the conventional bracing systems. The active spring controlled planta flexion ankle joint causes a more smooth and natural ankle movement during walking.

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Technical Specifications

  • Fixed equinus
  • Non-weight bearing caliper
  • Ease of unlocking by pulling knob at top of device, making the unlocking procedure easier than conventional calipers
  • Ease of unlocking device aides in sitting down safely
  • Low weight: 900 grams. High comfort of wearing
  • Bodyweight up to 100kg (14 stone)


This orthosis is designed within the three C’s philosophy: comfort, control, cosmetic. This single sided light-weight caliper is also designed with the hook and loop fastening straps at the back of the leg enabling complete comfort not only in the walking but especially in the sitting position.

Ideal for

  • Patients with paresis or paralysis, which is typical of patients who have a neurological condition such as MS, PPS and CVA
  • Patients suffering from Femoral nerve damage, RTA, Spinal Injuries, Head Injuries and of course Polio
  • Unstable valgus knee in the frontal plane
  • Paresis or paralysis of leg muscles
  • Hyperextension

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