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NHS Clinical Services

Orthotic clinical services are delivered via our current national team of Orthotists and are led and co-ordinated by our highly experienced management team, consisting of a Director of Orthotics, Clinical Operations Director, Clinical Services Managers and Principal Orthotists.

In partnership with the NHS we are responsible for the delivery of orthotic services to well over 35 NHS Trust sites. We are extremely proud of our achievements in the number of contract awards and the role we have played in developing and raising the profile of orthotic Services.

Within our orthotics team we have a Best Practice Group, the purpose of this group is to produce evidence based guidelines that will be used clinically to ensure standards of patient care are safe, clinically and cost effective and also consistent across the company as a whole. Further to the group we have Clinical Specialist Orthotists who specialise in the fields of Paediatrics, Diabetes and Rheumatology. This team review current practices conduct audits, develop protocols and facilitate training. The specialists also provide remote and direct support to all our Orthotists to ensure best treatment outcomes for our patients.

Our strong policies on training give our orthotists the best opportunities to further develop their knowledge and skills. We have a dedicated training coordinator and training officer who work closely to organise and deliver appropriate training to keep our staff ahead of the game. We also regularly provide in-service training to other health professionals and NHS staff.

Our dedicated orthotics customer services team, located in Leeds are always on hand to provide helpful advice on any of our products or services. Customer services can be contacted on 0113 207 0435 or by email at

Steeper also commands an excellent reputation for delivering high quality orthotic services and products in the international arena and, as a testament to this reputation, we have seen these contracts renewed year after year.

If you would like more information on our range of orthotic services please contact us.

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