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Steeper exhibits at OT World 2018

Last week, Steeper exhibited at the international prosthetic & orthotic industry conference, OT World in Leipzig, Germany. From the 15-18th May, we showcased the new S-Charge System along with our custom silicone products and met with our dedicated global network of distributors.

With over 21,000 visitors to OT World and 570 exhibitors, the event highlighted new developments and innovative technologies that have been pushing the boundaries of prosthetics, orthotics and rehabilitation. The Steeper stand showcased the new S-Charge System which provided delegates with the opportunity to flex the new S-Cell batteries and see how the system has revolutionised prosthetics battery technology.

“The 2018 OT World Congress was a successful exhibition for Steeper, allowing us to showcase our upper limb prosthetic products. The show was very well attended and provided an excellent opportunity for us to meet with customers from around the world. The Steeper stand was very busy all week and there was a great deal of interest in our product range, particularly the new S-Charge System and our custom silicone service. We look forward to returning to Leipzig for this congress in 2020.” Brian McLaughlin, Prosthetic Product Sales Manager.

Alongside our new technology, our custom silicone range proved to be as popular as ever with the high definition realism and exceptional finishes attracting attention from patients and distributors alike. The custom approach is something that we have seen develop exponentially over recent years, with global demand growing for unique lifelike prostheses. With a limited number of skilled artists and manufacturers within the industry, we are proud that our offering provides the unique custom appearance that is demanded by many clients.

Joining the Steeper team was a select number of our clinicians that were there to gain invaluable insight into the global market and the relationships that we have developed with distributors and suppliers overseas. “I had a fantastic time in Leipzig. The event gave me a deeper understanding of the scale of our business and how we work closely with our distributors and suppliers. I found the congress and trade presentations very interesting and extremely valuable.” Pamela Anderson, Steeper Prosthetist.

“We all get caught up in our day to day work in our centres, so to get to see and appreciate our profession on an international level is a real eye-opener. The opportunity to talk to prosthetists from around the world, discover new and interesting products and learn new techniques is an amazing experience. I feel this type of event is essential for our continued professional development and to understand what we do well and how we can improve.” Stephen Cox, Steeper Prosthetist.

The conference not only provided great insight for the prosthetic sales team but also for the orthotics team that were there to meet with new and existing suppliers and to identify gaps in the market. “OTWorld didn’t fail to deliver! The show operates at the highest level and is the international stage for innovation in orthopaedic technology.” Richard Thomas, Head of Business Development. The event also helps to inspire future generations with an abundance of students attending. As a recent graduate, Connor Mumford was there to help the orthotics team and found it, “amazing to see the innovation and enthusiasm from around the world within our diverse field of work.”

The congress provided Steeper with a valuable opportunity to meet with our global network of upper limb distributors; discussing plans for the future and encouraging ideas from our partners and customers worldwide.

Thank you to everyone who visited the Steeper stand and don’t miss our highlights on the Steeper Facebook and Twitter pages. If you have any queries, images of the show or would like further information on our product range, please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2020!

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