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New Product Update: The Össur Paso Knee

We are delighted to introduce a new lower limb product to our ever expanding range: the Össur Paso knee.

Modelled on nature, the Össur Paso knee allows for varied, precise and controlled movements over a range of speeds.

Taking inspiration from the Paso Fino horse breeds in South America the Össur Paso knee joint adapts instantly to changing speeds (up to 7km/h) to provide the user with freedom of movement and safety at the same time. It also makes life easier; simply unpack, assemble and align, as it is no longer necessary to adjust the pneumatic unit, thus saving valuable time.

The polycentric construction of these knees provides a high degree of geometric stance stability, by means of their long side links, and a smooth pneumatically controlled swing phase. The smooth pneumatically controlled swing phase automatically adapts to a wide range of walking speeds with no other adjustment required.

The NOPASO is supplied with a male pyramid adapter to allow angular adjustment, whilst the NKPASO comes with a laminating adapter, complete with adjustable alignment discs, making it particularly suitable for patients with very long residual limbs.

Click here for full product details and part numbers for ordering.

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