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Nicos Sofroniou’s Case Study

Born with cerebral palsy, Nicos required care from a young age and assistance with his mobility. However as he has become older, Nicos has been unable to use a normal wheelchair to make his way around, and has suffered from decreased muscle function in his hands. This is when he began his journey with assistive technology.

After initially having a static solution in his bedroom for answering the phone, this soon became inconvenient, so he asked to be re-assessed for a device that could be mobile and allow him greater independence around the home. This is when he received the ACTIV 500 and a chin strap for switch control.

With the ACTIV 500 attached to his wheelchair, the system’s flexible configuration means Nicos can now change the TV channel, make phonecalls, and ring the bell for a carer quickly and easily. This convenient setup is also aided by a set of door openers and push pads installed by Steeper engineers throughout his flat, which Nicos now can’t live without. The ability to automate these with his ACTIV 500 means he no longer has to use his wheelchair to physically press the push pads, allowing him complete access throughout his home without the need for assistance.

Nicos has been an ACTIV 500 user for several years now, and the most valuable function for him has been the ability to make phone calls from his wheelchair. Through the use of his chin strap he can call his family in Cyprus within moments, and quickly communicate with Steeper’s assistive technology team if he requires any maintenance. The system has empowered Nicos to be in control of his life, and remain completely mobile providing him with vital independence.

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