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Carter Carrington: #partofthepride

Last year, we shared with you the wonderful story of Carter Carrington, an Aston Villa fan and mascot who was fitted with a personalised Aston Villa prosthetic leg. Now, Carter is making the headlines again in a feature film by the club as part of their #partofthepride campaign.

Click here to watch the full video.

In the film, Carter describes the designs for his prostheses in which he has chosen, from Thomas the Tank Engine to Aston Villa. Enabling Carter to decide what theme his leg has been, has helped immensely with his rehab. Stephen, commented, “It does make a big difference for him being able to choose what he wants on his legs. His first ever one, fitted when he was just over a year old, was also Villa-themed and his second one featured Thomas the Tank Engine. This is his third and he was desperate to have a Villa leg again!” As a Villa fan himself, Stephen is pleased to help young Carter in any way that he can and the fact that the design is a team after his own heart makes the designing process equally enjoyable for him.

Personalisation within paediatric prosthetics has been a key area of development over the last two years, with the Department of Health announcing a £1.5m investment into improving prosthetics provision for children in 2016. Since then, clinicians, families and amputees themselves have been working together to improve the prosthetic provision to children, ensuring that there is a balance of ‘clinical pull’ and ‘technical push’ to create an environment in which innovations and new developments can thrive.

With the help of his Steeper prosthetist, Stephen Cox, at the Portsmouth Enablement Centre. Carter has been able to fully take control of his prosthetic care and thanks to Stephen’s ability to customise his prosthesis to his exacting requirements, his prosthesis has commanded the attention from his Aston Villa idols, enabling to meet his favourite players and partake in a once in a lifetime mascot experience.

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