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14, August 2017

We have moved!

For over 30 years, we have had a strong presence in Yorkshire, something we are very proud of, and therefore it gives us great pleasure to continue this tradition and announce the opening of our new headquarters in Leeds.

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13, July 2017

Jo-Anne Moody’s Case Study

At 13:14 on Tuesday 1st August was the moment that Jo-Anne’s insoles fitted her feet perfectly for the first time. Suffering from an increasing amount of pain after being prescribed ill-fitting insoles, Rachel turned to Steeper Clinic to help with the treatment of her daughter, Jo-Anne’s plantar fasciitis. After an initial assessment, Steeper orthotist Kate prescribed new, thin and flexible insoles that helped to alleviate the pressure on the soles of Jo-Anne’s feet and fitted discreetly into her existing shoes reducing her pain instantly.

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