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24, January 2017

Farhad Hussain’s Story

“I can’t live without Steeper Assistive Technology because I would feel cut off from this world, bored and depressed. With my Activ and pererro+ I have enjoyed getting my life back on track and my friends and family are really happy that I have my independence back.” Farhad Hussain

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10, January 2017

bebionic user, Sam features on the front cover of The O&P Edge

After an accident in 2015 left him with an extremely rare amputation, Sam Rosecrans has been making headlines across the globe with his new state of the art bionic arm. This month, Sam features on the front cover of The O&P Edge Magazine. With January’s edition being focused on upper limb, we could not think of a more suitable cover star.

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13, December 2016

A science lesson like no other

It is not every day that your science lesson means that you can try out and test a bionic limb for yourself. But that is exactly what the Year 6 class at Farfield Primary and Nursery School in Bradford did last week!

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