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08, June 2017

Application for an Environmental Permit

Hugh Steeper Ltd has applied to Leeds City Council for a permit to operate an installation for a coating, drying and curing process where the activity results in the release into the air of over 5 tonnes of organic solvents in any 12-month period at Unit 3, Stourton Link, Intermezzo Drive, Leeds, LS10 1DF.

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12, April 2017

Leon Bunce’s Case Study

At 12:08 on Friday 27th January was the moment that Leon stood unaided for the very first time. After routine back surgery left Leon with a severed spinal cord, he was faced with a long rehabilitation process to enable him to gain any sort of function. After being referred to the orthotics department at Portsmouth Enablement Centre. Leon met with orthotist Frank, and after discussing all the treatment options, Leon was prescribed bilateral KAFOs custom made by Steeper. Designed with his biomechanical deficits in mind, his KAFOs are tailored to his exacting needs, giving him extra support and control. With the support of his orthotists Frank and Hannah and with his own sheer determination, Leon has defied all the odds and is now able to stand unaided.

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04, April 2017

Tommy-Ray helps raise the profile of Plagiocephaly

Almost half of all babies under the age of one are affected by plagiocephaly, a condition more commonly known as ‘flat head syndrome’. However, with very little know about this condition and the treatments available, finding the best care and advice for your baby can be difficult. In a bid to raise awareness, World Plagiocephaly Awareness Day is taking place on Tuesday 4th April to highlight this little known condition that affects so many babies in the UK alone.

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