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29, November 2016

Charlotte Hannibal’s Story

At 10:07 on Friday 12th August was the moment Charlotte regained a piece of her old reflection. After contracting Meningitis and Septicemia whilst at university, Charlotte was put into an induced coma and spent the next four months in hospital. Whilst lucky to be alive, Charlotte has had all the fingers from her left hand amputated. Struggling with the attention that her hands brought, Charlotte was desperate to find a way to hide in a crowd and disguise her amputation. Now thanks to the Steeper Silicone Clinic and her new prosthetic hand, she can do just this, giving herself the freedom to live her life the way she now wants to.

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22, November 2016

Maureen Williams’s Story

At 13:10 on Friday 12th January was the day that Maureen was able to control her home through her iPhone. Young at heart, Maureen had always led an independent lifestyle. However, with her health deteriorating and her mobility affected by her arthritis, Maureen turned to Steeper to help with making her home life that bit easier. Soon after her assessment with a Steeper engineer, Maureen was able to fully control her home through her iPhone. Switching the lights on and off remotely, meant she no longer had to struggle getting out of her chair to do the simplest of tasks.

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04, November 2016

Pererro+ now only £99!

For a limited time only you can purchase the pererro+ for only £99+VAT, this is a saving of over £50. This reduced price will only be available until the 31st December 2016, so please contact customer services on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 0113 207 0449 to place your order.

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