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27, October 2016

Hannah Moore’s Story

At 15:04 on Wednesday 7th September was the moment Hannah bought home her first prosthetic leg. After suffering with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for several years, Hannah recently underwent surgery to have her leg amputated. Being young with a disability has been difficult for Hannah, she has come up against the preconceived perceptions that people have about amputees. However, with the help of her Steeper prosthetist, Caroline Clark at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital and her new Trulife Seattle Kinetic Edge Foot, Hannah is quickly getting back on her feet and enjoying doing the things that have been absent from her life for so long.

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20, October 2016

Inspiring the next generation

Hollie Bevan, a student at Benton Park School Sixth Form in Leeds visited the Steeper Head Office also located in Leeds to meet with Project Engineer, Julie, to discuss the advances in technology and to get an understanding of the available prosthetics within the industry.

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