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13, July 2017

Jo-Anne Moody’s Case Study

At 13:14 on Tuesday 1st August was the moment that Jo-Anne’s insoles fitted her feet perfectly for the first time. Suffering from an increasing amount of pain after being prescribed ill-fitting insoles, Rachel turned to Steeper Clinic to help with the treatment of her daughter, Jo-Anne’s plantar fasciitis. After an initial assessment, Steeper orthotist Kate prescribed new, thin and flexible insoles that helped to alleviate the pressure on the soles of Jo-Anne’s feet and fitted discreetly into her existing shoes reducing her pain instantly.

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08, June 2017

Application for an Environmental Permit

Hugh Steeper Ltd has applied to Leeds City Council for a permit to operate an installation for a coating, drying and curing process where the activity results in the release into the air of over 5 tonnes of organic solvents in any 12-month period at Unit 3, Stourton Link, Intermezzo Drive, Leeds, LS10 1DF.

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